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"Palo Cedro Physical Therapy is staffed by some of the most caring, fun people with whom I have worked in a PT office. They are efficient, cheerful and kind, and I would recommend this as your first choice in a PT facility."
Jan 13, 2023
"All the people that work here are excellent at what they do. I would highly recommend them."
Nov 07, 2022
"I have a 2yr old and an infant, I didn’t think that I would be able to get physical therapy because I am a busy mom. However with a little planning and the staff being so understanding and willing I am able to bring my two little ones in with me. My 2 yr old copies my exercises. The staff are very helpful and willing to hold my baby for a few minutes so I can finish up on a set of reps or if I am in a position that I can’t just grab him. I am glad that I gave them an opportunity to serve my physical therapy needs."
Mar 30, 2021